Amazing Blackjack Strategy the Helps Me to Win

Blackjack Strategy

I always thought Blackjack was a game that was created for high stakes players and seasoned gamers, turns out I was mistaken. After doing some research I realized that blackjack is no more complex than any given slots game, with the exception of a few rules here and there. As a matter of fact, I believe that blackjack is possibly one of the easiest card games and also one of the most fun! I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to play and I now consider it to be one of my most favored online casino games. Here are some pointers on amazing blackjack strategy that helped me to win time and time again, maybe they can help you too.

Blackjack Strategy – Understanding the Game

The key strategy is to approach the game with a general understanding of what the rules are and how the game works. Many online sites provide this information but here is a quick breakdown of what the outlining aim of the card game is. Blackjack is played against the dealer, not other players. The dealer deals 2 cards to the player and 2 to himself. The player’s cards are dealt face down while the dealer will deal himself one face down and the other facing upward to reveal the value of the card. Cards are at face value from numbers 2-10 while Ace acts as either a 1 or 11 and Jack, Queen, King are all valued at 10. The aim of the game is to ‘hit’ 21 without going over or otherwise known as ‘bust’.

blackjack strategy card values

Blackjack Strategy – When to Stand, Split and Hit

The trick is to know what’s in your hand. Stand means that the player doesn’t want the house to deal another card and chooses for the dealer to take a turn. Hit is when the player wants another card to be dealt. Split is an option that is only available at the beginning of the game, it is when the dealer deals 2 cards of the same value. The player can then choose to ‘split’ the pack which will then create two hands. If the dealer deals an additional set of cards with the same values thereafter, what a luck! This means that players can also split that hand and have a total of 4 potential winning hands!

blackjack basic strategy

If a player is dealt with an Ace and a 7 for an example, players should hit. This is because the Ace can be used as a 1 or 11 so the value of the card is either a soft 8 or a hard 18. In this instance if the player is dealt with anything greater than 3 it won’t be considered a miss as the Ace is soft. But should the player be dealt with anything below 3 and the dealers hand is lower than the players, it’s a win to the player. Aces and 8’s should always be split, increasing players chances of winning and stand hard on a hand that is greater than 17 in total. The chances of going above that are high and the odds aren’t in the players favour.

Blackjack Strategy – Play Free Games

The way I taught myself was through free blackjack games that I easily allocated through some popular sites and some not so popular. I would advise that players don’t sign up with just any online casino as there may be fraudulent activity on the site. If there is however a free play option with no strings attached, then by all means, grab the opportunity to play. Free play blackjack games allow players a certain advantage as they get first-hand experience. Players can then see what the setup of the game is, all blackjack games generally look the same and as a result they are set up in similar ways, and they can see how the game works. Free games save money as players aren’t making any real cash deposits, they can also boost confidence before tournaments as players can do a quick refresher before the big game.

blackjack table

Blackjack Strategy – Top Blackjack Casinos

Although blackjack is a simple game, that is played more or less the same manner across the world, top online casinos still offer a variation of the game. For example, Royal Panda online casino offers a professional blackjack series, single deck blackjack, classic blackjack a few others. This is great for players who get bored easily. The different versions allow players to not only take part in some of the most exciting tournaments, but the amount of real money that could be won is insanely huge! Top online casinos also provide quality blackjack games that have crystal clear graphics and vivid imagery that capture and hold a players attention. You would be surprised at how this element really impacts the winning chances of players. Blackjack enthusiasts will tell you that in order to win you need to be focused and this means that players need to enjoy the game which can only be done when playing quality blackjack games through top online casinos.

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Live Blackjack Strategy

live blackjack

Playing live casino blackjack really gets the adrenaline juices flowing. Unlike regular blackjack games, players are able to interact with their dealer so they can physically speak and say ‘hit, stand, split’. This real time blackjack strategy makes players aware as to how much they are betting, how long they have been playing for and exactly how much cash has been won or lost. It’s an amazing way to keep track of winnings and know when to cash out. Not to mention it is also super fun.

Even though blackjack is a game of chance, using a few blackjack strategies is key in turning the odds in your favor, which is entirely possible through the above mentioned strategies. By playing smart and equipping yourself with knowledge, your gaming experience is already bound to improve substantially. Win real cash by taking advantage of these strategies and have fun while you win real cash through blackjack!